After spending four months in this wonderful city we have come up with 7 tips for getting around in Melbourne to make your visit easier. 

Melbourne is known as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Having spent four months in this beautifully diverse hotspot we can understand why.

One of the best features of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs is how easy it is to get around. The city has a broad tram network that stretches from West Maribyrnong to East Brighton. On top of that, there is a frequent bus system and train network if you are looking to go a bit further afield.

As great as the public transport is, it can be a little confusing to begin with. Here are my top 7 tips for getting around in Melbourne:

1. Make sure you have a Myki card.

A Myki card is essentially the same as an oyster card you use in London. It works for all forms of transport. The cards, however, are only available to purchase and reload at 7/11 shops and major stations.

Myki card, 7 tips for getting around Melbourne, Two Souls One Path
Melbourne’s Myki card

2. Do not get caught without a card or “tapping on”.

Ticket officers patrol the trams and trains of Melbourne fairly frequently. If you do not have a loaded Myki card or do not tap it on the trams sensor when you board, you will face a very heavy fine.

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3. Trams within the city centre are free.

If you are planning a day out around the city you can cover a lot of ground without paying a cent. When you leave the “free tram zone” it will be announced through the tannoy so you will not get caught out.

Tram arriving at the St Kilda stop

4. Keep track of timetables

Most trams and buses run late into the night but it is best to keep an eye on the schedules as they become far less frequent.

5. City Mapper is a saviour

Using the app “City Mapper” to find the fastest way of getting to your destination is a must. The app works a lot better than google maps. It also has live updates of when your tram, train or bus will be arriving.

Citymapper gives you options for every mode of transport (even Jetpack sometimes)

6. Bike it

Push bikes are also available to rent. These are a useful and effective way of getting around if it is not too hot. The roads are wide and great for cycling and can be a cost-effective way of getting around.

7. Uber

If all else fails, Uber and other taxi apps are readily available throughout Melbourne and are not extortionate if you want a more private journey.

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