Looking for home date night ideas? We can all still have a bit of fun even if we can’t get out on the town

Here is our list of home date night ideas to keep things fresh during lockdown.

1. Home spa day

Sometimes it’s nice to give each other a bit of much needed TLC. Give yourselves the day off any strenuous activities and put your feet up. Try a face mask together, take it in turns giving a massage and enjoy a long soak in a hot bath.

Don’t forget, creating a relaxing atmosphere is key. Turn off the lights and use candles and incense to create a relaxed environment and take yourselves out of the usual setting without having to leave the house.

Spa Day Home date night ideas, Two souls one path
Lay back and relax

 2. Fake-away

Cooking together can be a fun activity on any given day of the week, and is a great low budget date night alternative to eating out or ordering food in. To mix things up from the usual kitchen staples, try and recreate your favourite takeaway meals, be that a Chinese feast, or a pizza with all of the sides. There are loads of great recipes to recreate your favourite takeouts at home for a fraction of the price.

crispy chilli beef fakeaway
Our favourite fake away is crispy chilli beef and chow mein noodles – Click the link for full recipe

 3. Have a movie night

 This might be an obvious one – you may watch movies together on a regular basis! But, if you want to make it an extra special date night, creating your own home cinema experience will take your Netflix nights to the next level.

Set up your optimal viewing experience, using the biggest screen in the house or, like us, if you have a projector, find a free wall and hook up your streaming device. The most important addition to any good movie date night is of course the snacks. Get the popcorn and sweets at the ready and have them all within reach before you settle in.

Projetor movie night, home date night ideas
Set up a projector and have a movie night

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4. Board game night

A potentially dangerous date night idea, depending on the temperament of the players of course. A board game night can be lots of fun if you don’t take it too seriously. Crack open a bottle of wine, get the dice rolling and, if you manage to get through the evening without a board being flipped, you are doing well.

Monopoly can be a risky home date night idea in our household. Matt has been known to flip the board!

5. At home picnic

One of our favourite things to do together in the summer is to take a basket packed with our favourite nibbles and find a nice spot under a tree for a picnic. But why should picnic’s be limited to the two to three days a year we get sunshine in the UK? Don’t let anything get in the way of a good old picnic. Team up in the kitchen and make your favourite sandwiches, dig out the pickle jars and put together your own ultimate at home picnic feast. Lay down a blanket in your favourite room or garden and enjoy a glass of fizz over your creation. And, unlike being in the middle of a random field, if the rain does start to come down, you don’t have to worry about getting wet.

Rustle up your favourite snacks and have a picnic at home

6. Cook a three course meal for two

One of our all time favourite home date night ideas has to be cooking a three course meal. Taking it in turns or alternating courses is a great way to treat each other without spending a fortune. Channel your inner Gordon Ramsey, pick recipes to challenge yourselves and recreate restaurant style dishes at home.

Of course, a date night at a restaurant wouldn’t be official without getting dressed up, so why not do this at home? Put on your favourite glad rags, lay the table and create some ambience with candles and a soulful soundtrack. Sit down and enjoy each other’s company while tucking into your delicious creations at the best (only) table in the house.

7. The Adventure challenge

Make your relationships more adventurous with The Adventure Challenge. This fun and exciting book contains an abundance of creative ideas for you to do to keep you and your partner on your toes. All activities are hidden underneath a scratchable layer so you can’t see what the challenge is until you scratch it off. Take a picture with a polaroid camera to stick in the book, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

We would recommend to keep an eye out for challenges with a house icon reference, for the best home date night ideas.

Adventure challenge book, Date night ideas at home
Adventure Challenge couples book

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8. Get creative

Getting creative together is always a great home date night idea. Channel your creativity into creating something for your home. Get a canvas and some paint and really let loose. Buy some clay and do some pottery at home. The opportunities are endless.

A great idea we came up with was to take the most liked photo from our Instagram page and both try and draw it.

So we challenge you – take your favourite photo together and both attempt to draw it. Post the results on your Instagram story, tagging us @twosoulsonepath so we can appreciate your efforts and share. Take the template below and tag your fave couples to take part.

Drawing challenge template, At home date night ideas, Two souls one path

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