This is us in Sydney – the photo which inspired our logo.

We are Matt and Lorna, a British couple who have officially been together since September 1st 2014.

From then till now we have shared a lot together. We went from being in a long distance relationship to living together in Matts family’s house. We then formulated a plan to allow us to follow our dream of travelling. Saving just enough to book two flights to Australia, we packed our bags and went in search of an adventure together.   

We are just two normal people, hoping to seek happiness, fulfilment and experience in our lives. The truth is, we have no real idea what we are doing long-term, or even in the foreseeable future. All we know is that we want to enjoy ourselves along life’s journey continuing to flourish wherever we go.

We have set up this website to share our experiences and pass on any wisdom we have acquired on our journey so far.

The idea of this site is to not only voice our experiences as a couple but to share our individual opinions as well. We have incorporated a colour scheme to differentiate our thoughts.

Wherever you see this colour, it’s Matt.

Alternatively, this colour highlights Lorna’s thoughts.

We feel that this will give you a better insight into our journey as two souls on one path.