Fancy a change from Vietnamese food? Pizza 4P’s produces some of the best pizza in Vietnam.

No doubt about it, pizza is up there with one of my favourite things in this world. And travelling around Asia for some time I have succumbed to ordering one here and there to get my fix. As much as I have loved the food in Asia, I just can’t help but give in to my temptation sometimes.

During the last few days of our time in Vietnam, having spent two days living with  Mama Mu and her family in the mountains of Sapa, we arrived back to Hanoi and decided we were going to “splash out” and book ourselves in to 4P’s pizza restaurant. 

4P’s is a chain in Vietnam but when I say chain I do not mean to put this establishment into the same category as Pizza Hut for example. No, these pizzerias are on a whole new level of sophistication. 

Ambiance and Decor

Matt sitting in 4P’s restaurant

The venue is elegant yet grungy. With bare brick walls and dark shades of black and grey. Each table is equipped with a tablet, containing the menu, information and the facility to place your order without having to grab the attention of one of the staff. 

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The Menu

The menu itself is a wonder to behold. A huge selection of appetisers and mains including both pasta and pizza staples. However there is also a “seasonal” section of the menu which changes regularly. This is due to the “farm to table” ethos of the chain that cuts no corners when it comes to producing the best ingredients for its outlets. The majority of the pizzas are also somewhat unheard of in the regular sense. Although they produce classic Italian favourites they have a large variety of pizzas inspired by Japanese flavours, for example, teriyaki chicken, salmon sashimi, Japanese ginger pork and calamari and seaweed.

With so much variety it’s hard to know what to select however, the menu allows you to select a half and half option which really helps if you are keen to try more than just one. 

Vietnamese Cheese

Another huge strong point for us was to learn that 4P’s produce all of their own cheese. Including burratas’ that feature as a delightful centre piece on a select few of the pizzas on the menu. This had a strong influence on our selections as cheese is something we both love and have not really eaten a lot of since being on this side of the world, other than the occasional wedge of laughing cow, which seems to be the most popular dairy addition for the local banh mi joints.

What we ordered 

Cheese selection at 4P’s

We, of course, ordered the cheese selection as a starter to share. It was brought to the table promptly and more than delivered in satisfying our craving for good cheese. The selection included a crisp blue with honey and dried fig. Two soft wedges of creamy brie with almond, and other unknown types, one of which was perfectly smoked, with onion relish and candied almonds, served with a delicious flatbread enough for 2 people. 

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Main course

We decided to pick two pizzas for main course to share between us. Playing safe with our first choice we picked one we would both normally go for – chorizo and salami.

Chorizo and salami pizza

The second pizza was more adventurous: one half camembert and ham mushroom sauce, the other half Parma ham with burrata. The pizzas came out in 8 slices, although this can be changed if required. It‘s great that half and half is possible as it meant we got to have four slices of one pizza and two different quarters each. If we were braver we would have got 2 half and half’s meaning we could try four different types of pizza each. But after not having eaten a decent pizza for a long time we did not want to be disappointed.

Half and half of camembert and ham with parma ham & burrata

Each pizza was just as glorious as the other. The rich Camembert with ham, came on a creamy mushroom sauce. This brought a luxurious truffle like taste to the slice and complimented the velvety texture of the cheese on top.

Parma ham with burrata offered a completely different feel. The sweet and salty Parma ham was paired beautifully with a healthy topping of rocket. The peppery leaves brought a freshness to the table and matched perfectly with homemade cheese that burst all over the pizza. Both selections paired well with the final half of chorizo and salami, a mildly spicy mixture of cured meat that really got the taste buds going. Especially with the addition of a drizzle of chilli oil which was one of the several condiments on the table.

We shared three different flavours making up one pizza


Our meal cost 814K (£26.80/$35 US) for a cheeseboard starter, two pizzas with an added burrata on top and three alcoholic drinks. We most likely spent more here than on any other dinner in Asia however it was more than worth it.

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Lorna’s Opinion 

4P’s provided a real interactive dining experience. Selecting our food on an iPad and having a waitress come over to clarify our order after we’d sent it felt hi-tech and professional. 

The iPad menu at 4P's image
The iPad menu at 4P’s

The food itself was exceptional. Each slice of pizza was equally as tasty as the other, and cheese has never tasted so good. This restaurant provides the best pizza in Asia, if not the best pizza I have ever tasted anywhere. If only 4P’s would bring their chain to the UK.

Matt’s Verdict

4P’s pizza was excellent from start to finish in every facet. And, I have to say, could possibly be some of the best pizza I have ever eaten. A bold claim. Then again we have not yet been to experience true Italian pizza. I think maybe we should book a trip to Naples next, for research purposes of course.

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