Want the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh city? Check out our list if you are ever visiting the former Vietnamese capital. 

Ho Chi Minh, formerly known as Saigon, is situated in the south of Vietnam. As the former capital of the country, it is a must-stop on every Vietnam backpacking route. With a major international airport and plenty of things to see and do. It is a great place to either start your journey through Vietnam or end it if you are travelling from the north. 

So, if you are staying a week or just passing through, these are the sights you should not miss in this epic city.

Day trip to the Củ Chi Tunnels

One of the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh is to visit the renowned Củ Chi Tunnels. The day trip to the Củ Chi site offers an insight into the Vietnamese soldiers’ life and tactics during the war against the USA. 

Cu Chi Tunnels
Củ Chi Tunnels

Learning about the lengths the soldiers went through to go undetected and survive against the American onslaught is extremely eye-opening.

The tour even gives you the opportunity to go underground and make your way through the passageways built for the soldiers during the war. The tunnels have thankfully been made slightly bigger for tourists, but are still not for those who suffer with claustrophobia! 

Visit Pasteur Street Brewing Company

If you like a cold beer at the end of the day, there’s no better place than Pasteur Street Brewery. Creating award-winning craft beers utilising exotic Vietnamese ingredients, this unique brewery is not to be missed.

Jasmine IPA at Pasteur Street
Matts beer to take away at Pasteur Street

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Go to the War Remnants Museum 

Regardless of your knowledge of the Vietnam war, the remnants museum is an eye-opening experience. Taking visitors on a journey through the dark history that is now synonymous with Vietnam. 

Best things to do in Ho Chi Minh Helicopter at War Museum
Helicopter at War Remnants Museum

The museum is home to a large display of old machinery and weapons that were used during the war, from helicopters to tanks. As well as an in-depth catalogue of photographs throughout, giving visitors a disturbing but necessary insight into the tragedy that took place. 

Sample the Vietnamese street food 

Ben Thanh Street Food Market
Ben Thanh Street Food Market

Vietnam is well known for its fantastic food. There is no better place to fill your boots than Ho Chi Minh city! 

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Visit one of the many street food night markets, or be super adventurous and sample the dried squid that can be found carted around the streets during the evening. 

Fried Squid cart Ho Chi Minh
Fried dried squid cart – try if you dare

Check out Bùi Viện (walking street)

If you fancy a bit of nightlife while you are in the city, look no further than the infamous Walking Street, otherwise known as Bùi Viện. Located in district one, Bùi Viện is lined with huge bars and nightclubs, all themed differently from the last. Jam-packed during the evenings with tourists and locals, let loose and make the most of the two for one cocktail deals as each venue vies for your custom. Be warned, it could get messy. 

Walking Street Ho Chi Minh
Bùi Viện walking street

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