Visiting this southern Cambodian city? Whether you’re after fun, food or adventure, there are several things to do in Kampot…

Kampot, a city in southern Cambodia, is a popular spot amongst backpackers who are travelling the country. Situated on the Preaek Tuek Chhu River, it is an ideal last stop before crossing the Ha Tien land border to Vietnam.

This town seems to have a somewhat slower pace than other key players along the classic South East Asian trail. Whether you fancy some fun, adventure, food or peace, there are plenty of things to do in Kampot.

Getting around

The best way to get around Kampot and its surrounding areas is to rent a scooter or if you’re really fit, bicycle. Wherever you decide to stay will most likely have information on where/how to do this. Alternatively, tuk-tuks are available to organise, or you can join a tour to take you to main tourist spots.

We used a scooter – rented for $5 a day.

Two Souls One Path on a bike
Us on our rented bike – the air in Kampot can be dusty

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1. Admire interesting architecture

Kampot is composed of 19th-century French colonial architecture which is strange to see in an Asian country with such different culture today.

2. Visit a pepper plantation

Kampot area is famous for pepper grown in the province, which is exported around the world. There are various plantations that you can visit which offer tours and information on how it is produced.

Kampot pepper

Sothy’s Pepper Farm offers free tours in English, Cambodian-Khmer, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

3. Bokor National Park

For a weird yet wonderful excursion, visit Bokor National Park. Rent a scooter and take off from Kampot town, heading up the windy NR32 roads for an hour or so.

At the top, you will come across a map featuring several strange attractions that scream eerie ghost town vibes. Drive around and check it all out.

Bokor National Park map
Bokor National Park map

Bokor church is not to be missed. The old building features a neglected spooky feel, but the real hidden gem is the viewpoint reachable from a small path behind the ruin to the left.

Bokor Church
Bokor Church

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4. Visit Kep

Spend a few hours in Kep, checking out the beach and watching the sunset over the ocean.

Sunset in Kep, things to do in Kampot
Sunset over the ocean in Kep

Kep is most famous for its fascinating crab market, which offers a true taste of authentic Cambodian cuisine. Visitors can watch fishermen bring in baskets full of fresh crabs, pick one and have it cooked up then and there with some local pepper and other accompaniments. If crab isn’t your thing, there are many other seafood options available, from squid to prawns and octopus.

Fresh cooked crab from Kep crab markets
Freshly cooked crab from Kep crab markets

A wander around the stalls and a taste of the fresh seafood is a must-do when in the region.

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5. Eat at Burgershack

For a taste of western delight, and the closest thing to a Mcdonalds in the whole of Cambodia, Burgershack is the place to go. Arguably offering the best burger in the country, this cool little eatery also provides local and foreign beers and ciders, to help that meal go down a treat.

Burgershack Kampot
Burgershack meal in Kampot

6. Enjoy a cocktail at Riki Tiki Tavi

Watch the world go by while the sun sets behind the mountain at Riki Tiki Tavi. This hotel/restaurant/bar may not be the cheapest watering hole you will find, however, keep an eye out for their happy hour to snatch two for one cocktails. The ambience on the balcony is fantastic for a sundowner.

7. Eat at Ecran Noodles

For delicious duck, dumplings and noodle dishes, a visit to Ecran Noodles is a must! Their menu is simple yet satisfying and even caters for vegans/vegetarians at amazing prices.

Menu and food at Ecran Noodles
Peking Duck and homemade pork dumplings at Ecran Noodles

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8. Arcadia Backpackers

Arcadia backpackers is arguably one of the most popular hostels in the province. It also offers one of the funnest things to do in Kampot – Cambodias first waterpark of its kind.

Enjoy the adrenaline-packed course in the day, and party on at night with the on-site bar and restaurant.

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