If you are road tripping along the East Coast of Australia there are loads of fantastic waterfalls to see along the way.

Here is our list of best waterfalls on the East Coast of Australia you shouldn’t miss from South to North.

Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls may not make everyone’s list on the east coast waterfall trail due to its location. It may be south of Melbourne, however, if you make a trip along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, we recommend checking out this beautiful waterfall.

Erskine falls, best waterfalls on Australias East Coast
Erskine Falls, VIC

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Fitzroy Falls

Situated in Morton National Park in the southern highlands of New South Wales. A long 81-meter drop waterfall is centre stage with an incredible canyon backdrop. Walk around the site and find multiple views of the falls and the surrounding area.

The falls also have a visitor information centre, to teach visitors about the history of the area and the aboriginal culture.

Fitzroy Falls, NSW

Wentworth Falls NSW

Set in the famous Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, just a short drive from Sydney. Wentworth Falls can be found along the bush walks to Jamison and Fletchers lookouts.

Wentworth Falls, NSW

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Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge is the most unique waterfall on the list. The river here suddenly cascades down through a hole in the rock into a plunge pool below. If you follow the path down you can access the cave and see the water crashing down from the ceiling above.

The fall can be found just over the border from NSW into Queensland before you reach the Gold Coast.

Natural Bridge. Best Waterfalls on the East Coast of Australia
Natural Bridge, QLD

Finch Hatton Gorge

Finch Hatton Gorge is a must-visit in Queensland. A truly natural beauty that is not overrun with tourists. The falls here are beautiful and come down a long stretch of canyon. Here you can swim in the clear waters (if you can bear the cold). As well as walking up the rocks to reach the smaller rock pools above.

It is also possible to spot wild Platypus in this region, so keep an eye out, or ask one of the locals if you are serious about finding one of these elusive creatures.

Finch Hatton Gorge, Best Waterfalls on the East Coast of Australia
Finch Hatton Gorge, QLD

Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls is the largest single-drop waterfall in the whole of Australia at 268 meters. This waterfall is spectacular on its day creating huge clouds of mist as the water smashes against the rocks below.

Situated quite far off the main coastal roads into the rainforest, this fall is worth the effort on a clear day. But, be warned, if the weather is cloudy, you may not be able to see anything when you get to the viewpoint!

Little Crystal Creek

Tiny in comparison to Wallaman falls but equally as beautiful. And just a short drive from Townsville. Little crystal creek runs under a picturesque bridge and as you can guess by the name has crystal clear water that is great for swimming or dipping your feet on a hot day.

Little crystal Creek, Best Waterfalls on the East Coast of Australia
Little Crystal Creek, QLD

Josephine Falls

Josephine falls, without doubt, a must-stop on the east coast waterfall trail! This epic swimming hole offers stunning blue pools and gentle waterfalls. The smooth rocks here are doubled up as a natural water slide for those willing to get wet and can be a lot of fun.

The conditions may vary here so swimming may not always be advisable if the water level is high and the currents are strong.

Josephine falls, Best Waterfalls on the East Coast of Australia
Josephine Falls, QLD

Millaa Millaa Falls

Made famous by the hit song Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre. The music video that launched his career was filmed at this beautiful location. The falls here are extremely picturesque and drop down into a pool below, surrounded by trees and exotic ferns. Milla Milla falls are truly a magical and mysterious place.

Millaa Millaa Falls, QLD

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Barron falls

Located in the Kuranda region just north of Cairns. Barron Falls are known as the falls with two faces. During the dry season, the falls can be merely a trickle down the jagged rock face. But during the wet season the falls are nothing short of the most dramatic you will see in the whole of the country. The experience definitely varies depending on what time of year you visit.

Barron Falls, QLD. During dry season

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