This chilli con carne recipe is our ultimate ‘go-to’ meal. Try this one time and it will become a household staple guaranteed! 

Serves 2


10ml vegetable oil 

2 garlic cloves minced 

1 white onion chopped 

1 red pepper chopped 

2 carrots chopped 

50g chorizo chopped

250g mince beef

1 scotch bonnet chopped (only include if you like it hot!)

50g mushrooms chopped 

2 tsp hot chilli 

2tsp paprika 

1tsp smoked paprika

1/2 tsp cayenne

1/2 tsp ground coriander 

1tsp cumin

1/2 basil

1/2 tsp oregano 

1tsp coriander leaf 

1/2 tsp garlic salt

4 tsp Worcester sauce 

1 Oxo cube 

2 tsp Tom purée 

450g chopped tomatoes 

90ml hot water and 1 oxo diluted 


  1. Heat the vegetable in a large saucepan and add the garlic onions and carrots and cook until softened and browning slightly. 
  2. Then add the red pepper, chorizo, mushrooms and scotch bonnet chilli and cook, blowing the oils from the chorizo to coat the vegetables. 
  3. Push the vegetables to one side of the pan turn up the heat and add the mince beef. As the beef is browning, break up the mince with a wooden spoon. 
  4. Add all of the dried spices and stir into the meat and vegetables. Then sprinkle in the first OXO cube and salt and pepper to season.
  5. Once browned add the tin of chopped tomatoes along with the tomato purée and 4 teaspoons of Worcester sauce, bring to a simmer and leave on a low heat for 20 minutes or even longer if possible. 
  6. boil 90ml of water and dilute a second OXO cube. If the chilli becomes dries out, add the stock and continue to simmer until you are left with your preferred consistency. 
  7. Serve with a handful of chopped coriander on top for a fresh kick. 

Serving suggestions:

Chilli con carne with all the trimmings

We love this Chilli con Carne recipe served with ALL of the trimmings! Steamed white rice of course as well as, sour cream, homemade guacamole, a fresh tomato salsa, and tortilla chips if we are feeling naughty! 

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