Uluwatu was one of our favourite places in Bali. Beaches, sunsets, and tasty breakfast spots like Drifters Surf Shop and Cafe. 

We stumbled across Drifters Cafe on Instagram after an old friend posted a picture of a fresh looking cacao bowl she ate there a few days previous.

We were on the hunt for nearby breakfast places with a good wifi connection and luckily Drifters fit the bill.

Getting there

To get to the cafe you have to make your way through the shop. If both your budget and your luggage space is limited try not to pay much attention to the clothes.

The dining area is situated at the back of the building. Despite there being plenty of tables in the outdoor seating area we were directed to the ‘Drifter Gallery’ to sit indoors as all of the other spots had been taken.

The Gallery

The gallery fit seamlessly into the outdoor area with large glass doors which were open wide.

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Decor was simple yet beautiful and the music added to the surfer vibe. 

The walls were lined with surf photography and artistic boards.

The menu

We were impressed with the menu which made it hard for us to choose what to eat.

Even the extensive drinks list left us indecisive with beverages ranging from hot drinks to kombucha, smoothies and juices.

Lorna’s choice

I went with ‘The Smash’ which was ultimately smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast. However, it was jazzed up with lots of other delicious bits adding new dimensions to the flavour profile of the dish.

The Smash

I had no idea something so simple could be presented so elegantly. A sprinkling of cashew dukkah added a crunch to the softness of the eggs. The smear of homemade pesto looked and tasted like I could have been in a fine dining establishment. All of the elements came together fantastically creating a plate of food that was easy to finish.

Drink wise I chose the ‘Liver Lover’, a cold-pressed juiced containing apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger and lime. It was served in a glass bottle with some brown string tying a pretty paper straw around the top. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the juice but I believe that’s down to my personal preference of finding beetroot too earthy and consequently overpowering the other flavours.

The Liver Lover juice

Matt’s choice

I eventually settled on the Breakfast Burrito after being torn between most of the menu. I was not disappointed when the plate arrived. The wrap was cut in half and placed neatly on the plate with a handful of tortilla chips and two dipping sauces – one was a roasted pepper and the other a tangy sour-cream. The burrito itself was packed full. Scrambled eggs, cheese, Mexican beans, potato and guacamole, with the addition of crunchy lettuce which helped add some texture and freshness to each bite.

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Breakfast Burrito

Being a coffee lover, I am a firm believer that there is no better way to kick start the day than to get down on a cup of black gold. The menu contained a variety of coffee options and one I admit I have never tried before. Slow cold drip coffee poured over ice with a mixture of milk and condensed milk. On the menu, as a ‘Speedies’ the drink was deliciously creamy, with just enough bitterness from the coffee to take the edge of the intense sweetness of the condensed milk. Something I would definitely recommend trying.

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