Fancy some great seafood combined with a beautiful sunset? Lucky Fish on Bingin Beach has got you covered in their picturesque beachfront setting.

After our first day properly exploring Uluwatu and our first ever scooter experience, we needed some serious relaxation. For us, there is no better way to relax than by chilling out and digging into some delicious food.

After doing a spot of Trip Advisor and Google Maps research we decided to head to Lucky Fish, a spot located right on the Bingin beach front. We didn’t really know what we were in for other than some seafood and a sunset, but Lucky Fish definitely exceeded our expectations.

Getting there

Following the GPS as close to the restaurant as possible, we were lead to lots of no parking signs, but just before there was luckily somewhere to park our scooter. We walked the rest of the way down a narrow walkway and some stairs.

Lucky Fish is built into the side of a cliff and is three stories high. There is a top deck, perfect for watching the sunset, which hosts live music from 7pm – 9:30pm most evenings. A middle section with the main bar also has seating overlooking the beach, great for ordering from the standard menu if you’re not in the mood for seafood. We decided to sit on ground level directly on the beach with tables set in the sand.

What we tried

We wanted some fresh seafood so upon arrival we were directed to the ground level (where you can pick your own fresh fish to be cooked for you on the BBQ).

Fish selection at lucky fish
Choosing our selection of freshly caught seafood at Lucky Fish

The options included prawns, clams, tuna, squid, mahimahi, and snapper all priced on the menu per 100 grams. We opted for one whole snapper, a fillet of mahimahi and four prawns to share. The BBQ fish was served with steamed rice, spinach, and some homemade Indonesian-esque salsa. On the table, there were some additional sauces of sweet and salty soy, sambal and tomato ketchup.

The staff weighed the fish we picked out from the box and checked if we were happy with the price. Our order was transferred to the BBQ area in a metal bowl where it was prepped and put on the grill.

The food arrived in no time at all and boy was it a feast! The snapper flaked away from the bone easily and was almost melt in your mouth. The Mahi Mahi, served as a thick meaty fillet, paired beautifully with the homemade chilli relish included in the price. The prawns were juicy and easy to peel. You could tell by the unique smoky taste that they were grilled over an open flame.

Seafood feast on Bali beach
Lorna sampling the grilled snapper


Our meal cost Rp 372,000 which is roughly around £20. This is cheap in comparison to UK prices and better value for money than other places of a similar nature in Bali. The food was delicious and we were also sat at a table on the beach to watch the sun go down. The sunset was spectacular and we had remarkably uninterrupted views directly from our dinner table.

Bingin beach sunset Lucky Fish
Uninterrupted view of the sunset from our table on the beach.

When to arrive

After our experience we would advise you to get there around 5:15pm to catch the end of Happy Hour (4pm5:30pm), get the best pick of the seafood on offer and the most sought-after seats for sunset.

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