Renowned for their affordable, high quality tailoring services. From three-piece suits to custom shoes. The tailors in Hoi An can do it all.

Tailor shops line the streets of this picturesque city. Some offer a full high-end experience such as Kimi Tailor and A Dong Silk. However, although they may be inexpensive compared to similar services in the west, they are not by any means friendly to those on a budget.

There are cheaper alternatives thankfully. Suited more to those who don’t wish to spend all their money on clothes but want to enjoy the experience of having some new threads cut to fit.

After some extensive research on tailors in Hoi An, we visited various shops and spoke to a few locals before we decided which store was going to be best for us.

The Tailors

We ended up settling on one of the smaller tailors in Hoi An – Mr. Xe, which is located at 71 Nguyễn Thái Học close to the river.

Having been quoted a fair price and with a huge selection of materials to choose from compared to other shops we visited, choosing this place was a no brainer.

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Our experience

On arrival, we were greeted by the main man himself. Mr Xe. To say Mr Xe is a character would be an understatement! His energy was infectious and he helped us pick out what materials we would like and what kind of items we were after.

After some deliberation and a few material samples, we both decided what we were going to go for. Lorna a two-piece smart suit in red fabric and a three-piece grey chequered look for myself.

polaroid of us with Mr. Xe himself

Mr Xe and his busy team of helpers then proceeded to take our initial measurements. We were to return the next day for our first fitting! Having never experienced anything like this before we were shocked at the speed of the process.

When we showed up the next day, the team were just as enthusiastic as the previous day. They seemed almost as excited as we were to see what their hard work would look like on.

Lorna’s suit fit perfectly first time but there were a few altercations that needed to be made to my three-piece. Mr Xe is, without doubt, a perfectionist and very proud of his work and will not settle for any imperfections.

The Outcome

We both ended up with exactly what we had asked for during the first briefing. The fit was absolutely spot on in both cases, although did not leave too much growing room for when we returned to the UK diet!

Wearing our suits at a friends wedding

The Cost

We negotiated with Mr XE and agreed on the price of 5,750,000 Viatnamese dong (roughly around £200/$240 US) for five pieces. They even made me a tie and pocket square with the remaining lining for free. If you take into consideration the cost of the same service in Europe or the USA and even at a lot of other tailors in Hoi An, what we paid was a steal.

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The verdict

We honestly couldn’t have been more happy with the whole experience from start to finish. Having clothes made to fit to perfection is something truly special. Getting an outfit made from scratch from a tailor in Hoi An is a real must when visiting Vietnam. If you’re on a budget like we were, Mr XE offers an awesome service for extremely great value. We couldn’t recommend it enough.

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