Some have claimed Tuck Shop Take Away to be the best burger in Melbourne so it would have been rude not to do some digging…

After doing some online research about Melbourne, I made a list of things I wanted to do before I left. Activities on the list included a range of everything from visiting popular tourist attractions to places to eat. The latter being how I discovered Tuck Shop Take Away.

A piece posted on Time Out strongly claimed that this was the best burger in Melbourne. Needless to say, my burger enthusiast of a boyfriend and I just had to check it out.


Tuck Shop Take Away is situated right on the corner of where Hawthorn Road and Glen Eira Road meet in Caulfield North. Ideally, this is directly next to a tram stop making it easy to get to.

On arrival, the fast food joint was a lot smaller than expected, with roughly around ten seats in the whole shop. However, the retro decor was welcoming and instantly radiated a funky old school vibe.

The menu

The menu, much like the seating area, was small. Initially, we were surprised but then concurred that perhaps, with burgers, simplicity is key and to perfect a burger must mean getting one recipe along with its accompaniments right.

Tuck Shop Take Away’s menu is short but sweet

A favourable ‘warning’ on top of the menu (which is written out in chalk across a huge blackboard) states that all burgers are ‘served still pink in the middle’ so if you prefer your beef well done, I would avoid tuck shop take away (and claiming to be a beef burger lover).

Pink in the middle minor burger

There are three main types of burgers on offer: the minor, the major and the veggie wedgie. There is the option to add extra bacon and/or a free range egg if so required.

Burgers range from $11 – $14.50.

Tuck Shop Take Away boasts a totally homemade menu, even down to their sauce. Their ‘Tuck Shop Sauce’ includes their homemade tomato ketchup, homemade mayonnaise and mustard.

Matt and I both ordered a minor burger with bacon to avoid food envy, a large portion of hand cut chips and a salted fantale milkshake to share.

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Minor burgers, salted fantale milkshake and homemade sauce

The Verdict

At first bite, the moist/tender/soft texture of the burger along with the crunch of the crispy bacon and sour tanginess of the pickle flavours burst together in my mouth. The classic cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato accompaniments were much-appreciated additions. 

The juiciness of the pink-in-the-middle burger mixed with the tuck shop sauce oozed out of the burger at each bite which made a lovely dipping sauce for the perfectly crisp chips.

The salted fantale milkshake (made from melted down salted caramel sweets blended up with milk) was a flawless combination of sweet and salty and helped the meal go down wonderfully.

The deliciously sweet yet salty salted fantale milkshake

Tuck Shop Take Away quite possibly served the best burger I had in Melbourne so far but it’s too much of a strong claim to say that it’s the best burger I’ve ever had.

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Since dining at the eatery I have discovered the ‘Bully burger’. This is supposedly a “secret burger” that’s not on the menu with more of a kick to it. I wish I had time to return to the restaurant before leaving Melbourne to try this one out. It could well have topped the Minor and be in the running for my favourite ever burger.

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