Cambodia boasts beautiful islands, ancient architecture and great food. There is also a history lesson to be had whilst visiting Cambodia that cannot be missed.

Here is our condensed list of the best things to do whilst visiting Cambodia.

Visit the Killing Fields and Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh

The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. During this time the state took part in a widespread genocide of the Cambodian people. The Tuol Sleng Museum in Phnom Penh is situated in one of the old prisoner camps in the city known as S-21.

The museum offers an insight into this tragic regime. Although not the most pleasant of places to visit, it is extremely important to educate yourself on the tragedies of the past and learn from them.

The Killing Fields, a short taxi ride from the main city, also take you around the area where a lot of the executions took place. This place is not for the faint-hearted by any stretch, but an emotional, unforgettable experience if you can manage it.

Killing Fields, things to do in Cambodia
“The killing tree” located at the Killing fields in Phnom Penh

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Relax on the paradise Islands

In the south-west lie the Islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem. A short ferry boat ride from the mainland, these islands are pure bliss. With perfect white sandy beaches and crystal clear warm oceans. Spending at least a few nights on either one of the islands whilst you visit Cambodia is a must.

There are many accommodation options available, Including beach front glamping tents that allow you to wake up to the gentle sound of waves lapping the shore.

Drink cocktails, lie in hammocks and recharge the batteries, there is no more relaxing environment than this.

The main town on Ko Rong Island

Eat fresh crab at Kep Crab Market

Kep province is an old French colonial seaside town, famous for its seafood. The Crab market is the perfect place to sample what Kep has to offer. Take a walk around the market and find a vendor with crab for a good price. They will then offer to cook the crab fresh for you, which they will fry up with fresh peppercorns that grown in the surrounding fields. A perfect taste of southern Cambodian cuisine.

Crab market, things to do in Cambodia
Fresh crab at the Market

Visit the beautiful town of Kampot

Situated on the Praek Tuek Chhu river. Kampot is a popular stop for many travellers in between the southern Islands and Phnom Penh. The town is full of fantastic eateries and accommodation options including Arcadia hostel which also has a water park on the river!

Sunset over the river in Kampot

Take a cooking class

Although not famous particularly for its food, Cambodia is a great place to try a cooking class. Cambodian cooking is very similar to Thai but with a lot less heat as they use more peppercorns than hot chilli.

Paper Tiger cooking class in Siem Reap is a great option. They offer one on one classes and allow you to enjoy your efforts in the restaurant below after you have finished.

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You will be taught to cook dishes such as spring rolls, and popular Khmer dishes such as fish Amok and beef Lok Lak.

cooking class, things to do in Cambodia
Beautiful food we made at Paper Tiger cooking class

Enjoy a boat ride in Phnom Penh along the river

Boat rides along the Mekong river are a nice way to spend the evening in the capital city. As you cruise up and down the river, your tour guide will teach you about the city and its landmarks. They will also provide you with drinks and some snacks for the journey.

Sunset over the city of Phnom Penh

Spend a day at the Angkor Wat temples

The temples of Angkor Wat are some of the most famous temples in the world. Accessible from the northwestern town of Siem reap. You can purchase a day pass, or a week pass from the ticket office that allows you to explore the vast temple complex that has been built here. Angkor Wat is the largest religious site in the world and dates back to the early 12th century.

Many of the hotels and hostels in Siem Reap will offer tour packages which include a guide to show you around and teach you about the temples. It is recommended that you use a guide of some sort to learn a lot more and ensure you don’t get lost in the vast space!

We recommend heading there for sunrise, as many people gather to see the sun come up directly behind the main temple structure. It truly is a sight to behold.

The stunning Angkor Wat Temple complex at sunrise

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Try a joss shot

For those that like a drink and a party, there are many places in Cambodia that will sell joss shots. What is a joss shot you ask? Well, imagine a vodka red bull X10. But also in a shot glass.

The bartenders use powdered caffeine that only seems to be available in Cambodia and pour the contents into a shot of liquor. Probably not the best idea if you have any heart conditions, but if you want to stay up all night partying, why not give it a go!

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