If you’re hoping for some stunning beachfront views while eating dinner and sipping cocktails, Warung Pondok Nusa Penida is the place to be.

We arrived relatively early (around 5ish) which was perfect timing as there was only one other couple there having drinks. The plan was to get there for sunset before it got too busy. We had read that the service can get slow if there are too many people.


The warung is perfectly located on the beachfront overlooking Mount Agung, and although the sun doesn’t set directly in front of the restaurant, as it gets darker the colours in the sky make the scenery surrounding the volcano look beautiful.

Views of Mount Agung Warung Pondok Nusa Penida
Views from our dinner table

We had front row seats. The atmosphere in Warung Pondok was enjoyable from the sing-along worthy reggae playlist to the chilled beach hut vibe of the outside seating area and cocktail bar.

Lorna’s Opinion

Tofu spring rolls

I ordered a mango daiquiri. It was thick, sweet & tasty and was presented with a decorative lime which was a nice touch. We were very hungry after we went diving in Nusa Penida for the very first time. So, we decided to order some tofu spring rolls to share as a starter. For main course, I went with the vegetarian cap cay without really knowing what it was. Our dive instructor had recommended it earlier in the day.

Mango daiquiri and vegetarian cap cay

It was ultimately a bowl of vegetables in a very thick broth. I think there were carrots, cabbage, spring onions, garlic and celery in there served alongside a portion of rice. On first hungry bite, the broth and veggies tasted so fresh and I was happy with my choice. After tasting Matt’s yummy fish, the flavour started to taste a bit bland and repetitive. The tofu spring rolls were nice and hot but had a bit of a thick outer layer – more like a puff pastry pie than a thin & crispy coating.

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Matt’s Opinion

I ordered ‘fried fish’ – a gamble. I did not know what fish it was or what came with it. Being by the sea, I had to order some sort of seafood. When my food arrived, I was greeted by a nice portion of fish covered in a crispy batter. It was coated with a sweet sticky sauce full of thinly sliced vegetables and a side of rice. The fish was covered in a nice batter that didn’t take too much away from the texture of the fish. There was a lot of bones to avoid which made the meal more of a task than it needed to be.

Matt’s fried fish main course

Overall opinion

Overall the meal was pleasant without being outstanding. The views from the dinner table certainly made up for the minor unsatisfactory aspects of the food.

After dinner views
After dinner views


We ordered a cocktail, small beer and two Coca-Cola’s to drink. Food-wise we ate tofu spring rolls, vegetarian cap cay, and fried fish. The bill came to 253,000Rp (£14.50/$18.15 US).

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